Mini Golf

Ground Rules:

  • Maximum of 4 players per group. Groups of 5 or more will be divided into smaller groups.

  • Do not handle, lean on, hang on, or contact an obstacle in any way that may lead to damage of that obstacle. Players will be held responsible for any damage done to an obstacle or the playing turf.

  • If for any reason your group is taking longer than expected to complete a hole and a group or groups are waiting to play, please let them play through to help alleviate congestion. 

  • Balls lying up against an obstacle or wall may be moved two head-lengths away in order to allow for an easier putt.

  • Play at your own risk.  ​

Soccer Golf

Ground Rules:

  • Scores like regular golf.

  • Place ball in between tee blocks at the start of each hole. Choose your tee blocks according to skill level. 

  • Must kick the ball off of the ground. No drop-kicking or punting of the ball.

  • Must wait until ball stops completely in order to kick it again.

  • Count how many kicks it takes to get into each hole. Record that number on your scorecard per player per hole. 

  • Should your ball strike another player's ball, that player has the choice of kicking their ball from where it originally sat or from the spot to which it was displaced. 

  • Play at your own risk.

Par 3

Ground Rules:

  • Maximum of 5 players per group. Groups of 6 or more will be divided into smaller groups.

  • Please replace divots and repair ball marks. 

  • Replacement balls cost $1 each.

  • Do not play until the group ahead of you has cleared the green.

  • Poles and wires are hazards.

  • Balls lying next to light poles, fences, and other obstacles may be moved one club length away, but not closer to green. 

  • Do not throw clubs or bang poles.

  • Do not stand near a player swinging a club.

  • Please return playing equipment to the clubhouse after completing your round. 

  • Failure to exhibit golf etiquette and sportsmanlike conduct will be cause for your removal from the course. 

  • Play at your own risk.

Miniature Golf Balls